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Witam serdecznie, do sprzedania nowe gripy rowerowe - chwyty - Commencal Ride Alpha przeznaczone do dh/fr/enduro.

The contact between the rider and bike is just 3 points - pedals, saddle, grips and so it's essential all these components are unbeatably reliable.

With this in mind we've developed a new pair of grips specifically for enduro and DH.

- The ultra soft (A25) rubber means high absorption of bumps and vibrations
- The specific design provides optimal grip thanks to asymmetric spikes
- The rubber ridges under the handle are positioned to offer maximum finger grip during change in weight distribution etc.
- Reduced diameter of 29mm provides better control
- The flanges allow the thumb to rest in order to reduce fatigue
- The reinforced ends protect the rubber and the handlebar in case of scuffing

These grips have only one clamp /lock on clamp fastening ring which is wider, equipped with a bigger screw and therefore more reliable and gives more space for the hands.

Waga: 94g
Długość: 140mm

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